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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Myths & Facts about Vision & Eyes:Part 5


Reading in dim light will damage your eye.


Reading in dim light can make your eyes feel tired and uncomfortable but it can’t hurt your eyes. 
There really is very little you can do that will permanently damage your eyes


paih said...

ooo...tu la aku pk jugok..takkan sampai buto mato bac dalam gelap..apa2 pun amalkan pembacaan dlm suasana yg bagus

admin ioptoss said...

nanti ikuti tips yg pihak kami akan sertakan dalam post yg akan datang

selamat membaca

Humayra' said...


a first timer here.
erm. just curious... is this supported by studies?

IOPTOSS said...

Yes..it is supported by studies..here a link that summarise the studies that related to our article..


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