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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Myths & Facts about Vision & Eyes:Part 1

“Sarah, why do you look so depressed?”
“I need to wear the spectacle because recently my vision is not very clear. I hate to wear it because I look old.”
“I’ve heard that people said when we eat a lot of carrot we can improved the vision.”
“Are you serious Jane? So, what we are waiting for? Let’s go to the market. I want to buy a lot of carrot and start eats it today.”
This is one of the situations about myths of vision which is always happened in our life. Actually there are many people cannot distinguish between myths and facts. Sometimes people keep believing the myths and still practicing their mindset in their daily life. So, there are several examples between myths and facts.


Eating carrots can improve vision.


Eating carrots will not improve your vision.
However, carrots are high in vitamin A and
important for a balanced diet. There are many
other foods high in vitamin A such as apricots,
milk, and asparagus. Vitamin A is important in
maintaining normal vision. Vitamin A
deficiency is a leading cause of blindness. So, a
well-balanced diet can provide the vitamin A
needed for good vision.

Stay tuned with us, Part 2 will be released soon!

Contributed by: Geng IoptoSS Izul, Azni, Farah

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